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GMB landlord explained and the kind of results you could attain

A simple hack for getting clients who will beg you to work with them.

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Setting The Right Foundation

What Are Digital Assets

The Benefits Of Building Digital Assets

Adopting the Self-Responsibility Mindset

What’s Your Role?

5 : The best GMB and Local SEO Niches


6 : Know your local competition


7 : The 4 GMB Pillars


8 : Targeting the right clients 11

 Key principle #1: Best Targets are those who you are certain you can help. Higher the certainty better it is. 11
Understanding your client avatar, also known as your “ideal client.” 11


9 : Best ways to approach clients prospects 14

Setting your goals 14
Define in value manner what do you do? 14
What do you do? Creating a Powerful Value Positioning Statement 15
Best Ways To Approach Clients The Value Added Way 18
THE 9 DISCIPLINES Of Value Based Growth 18


10 : 99 ways to find clients 20

The low Hanging Fruits For Google Listings & Emailing Prospects 24
Letter 1: It really works 26
Letter 2: Has been tested to produce results 28
Step By Step Social Media/GMB Audit Instructions and Audit Resources 29
Exactly What You Need To Conduct GMB & Local SEO Audits.docx 34
Trusted Lead List Resources Ready To Be Used 38
The Secrets Gurus Don’t Teach You On How to market your value 39


11 : 50 Cold call email letter templates proven to produce results 43

Email Templates At Industry Level 43
Example proven outreach campaign plan: 43
Email outreach LinkedIn plan
Email outreach FB plan and templates: 44
Sequence Emails For – GMB Audit
Sequence Emails For – website audit 45
Sequence Emails For – social media audit 46
Sequence Emails For – Local seo audit 47
Sequence Emails For – Personalized managers, owners and employees : 48
Email finder resources: 48
The Proven LinkedIn Direct Outreach Template 49


12 : 10 ways on how to get past the gatekeeper 50

Getting Past “Gatekeepers” 101 50
Insights About Gatekeepers you must know 50
How to Interrupt the Gatekeepers Pattern For Your Gains: 51
What to do if Gatekeeprs put you off: 53


13 : How to Set Appointments the 2019 ways 53

Setting-appointments like they are your best friends 53
Quick notes on what not to do: 53
The Power of Your Voice and when to use it 54
3 proven Steps to your call that gets answered: 55
Exact Phone Call Script to close loads of clients : 55
The 10 Possible Objections you must know how to handle : 56
#3 Selling Clients – including the full cycle (Presenting & Closing) 57


14. How to Price Your Services so you never undercharge 58

How To Increase The Price Based On Value Based Fees: 58
Common mistakes about fees, Which could cost you money and Loss of Sales 58
The Big Benefits to Value Based Fees 59
Exact Steps to Commanding your Value-Based Fees 59


15: The New Sale Method 64

What Is The New Sale Method? 64

Research 65
Discovery 65
Listen 66
Teach 67
Qualify 68
Close 69


16. How to Write Proposals That Are Opened, Liked, Accepted And That Sell 69

What is a new age proposal? 70

What should the new age proposal do? 70
Best kept secrets to a successful proposal: 71
The New Age Proposal Outline : 72


17. New Age Proposal Checklist 72

GMB-Marketing-Services-You-Can-Offer.pdf 73
Sample Proposal Template (GMB Coaching and Local SEO Services) 74
Exact New Age Proposal Template – GMB Consulting.docx (even if you don’t know how to write, just fill in the blank) 80
GMB Proposal-Template-agency.pdf 81
GMB Resources.txt 81


18. Exact Steps To Pre-Framing – Controlling the Client’s Perception 81

19. The Give First Principle 81

20. How to Gain Instant Credibility regardless of how saturated is the market 82

21. Difference Between Sales Conversations vs. Pitching 82

22. How to Read Your Customer Like The Back Of Your Hand 82

How to Read Your Customer While You Sleep 82
Easy formula for reading nonverbal signals business or personal: 85


23. Speaking the Customers Language They Understand 86


24. Make Or Break Discovery Meeting Questions 86

Pre-Framing The Discovery Meeting: 86
Data driven Tips for having a successful first meeting: 87
Exact Blueprint For Discovery meeting Step By Step: 88
Uncovering the pain of not buying your service 88


25. Using The Pain To Find and Sell the Gap 91

Discovery Meeting: Secrets Methods Used In Selling the Gap 91


26. Exact Formula To Show and Use Empathy 94

27. When The Time Is Right For Gaining Conceptual Agreement 94

Discovery Meeting: Gaining Conceptual Agreement Do’s And Don’ts 94

28. The How to Present Your Services In 2019 To Create Lasting Impression 95

What Not To Do In Discovery Meeting: When Presenting Your Business 95
Exactly What You Need Before Presenting a Solution 95
Secrets to presenting, which will increase your conversion by over 85% 96
Blueprint for Leveraging secret weapons of influence: 96
Create conversion value during your presentation. 97
Secret Weapon To “Wow” The Listener (I Wish I knew this when i started). 99

29. Using Honesty As A Weapon To Gain An Edge Even When Critical 100


30. Knowing Your Value Proposition Before Presenting 100

Discovery Meeting: Showing Your Value Proposition 100


31. Exact Story Formula That Sells 102

Discovery Meeting: How To Use The Story Telling Formula To Sell 102


32. When to Reject Prospective Client 103

Discovery Meeting: If These Signs Are Present, Reject The Client and Walk Away 103


33. Formula For Recognizing Buying Signals 104

Discovery Meeting: Using The Buying Signals Formula To Convert Clients 104


34. Proven Ways To Ask for the Client To Sign With You 105

Closing: When To Go All In And Ask The Client To Sign 105
The soft close your possible clients will love you for – 106

Overcoming Objections 106

35. Domination Against Competitors 107

36. How Make Handle And Make The Price Objection Irrelevant 108

37. Formula For Decoding Putt-Offs, Stalls and Objections 110

38. Creating Controled Objections 110

39. Dominating Objections 110

40. Exact Follow up Sequence For Setting Expectations 111

Proven Blueprint For Advanced Persuasion Skills 114


41. How to Gain Pre Meeting Rapport 114

Persuasion Secrets: How to Gain Instant Rapport During The Meeting 115
The Do’s and Don’ts Of Mirroring 115
Formula For Rate of speech. 116
The Conversion Volume. 116
The Conversion Tonality. 117
Proven Favorite Words & Phrases. 117
The Winning Body Language. 117
The Role Of Breathing. 118
Back and Forth Cross over mirroring to match a clients body language 118


42. How to Lead Your Customer Towards The Right Direction & Gain Agreement 118

Persuasion Secrets: Formula To Lead Your Customer Towards Signing 119
Why Pacing the Prospect Improves Conversions 119
What Makes Pacing effective 120
Proven Examples of pacing statements: 121
Blueprint For Leading the Prospect 121
Proven Examples of leading statements: 122
Proven Exercises : For Pacing and Leading 123


43. How to Become One With Your Customers Buying Values 124


44. How to Dominate Instead of Participate To Change Your Customers Mind 124